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Have I changed? Certainly . I wouldn’t have it any other way .

When those who we care about don’t recognise us anymore and they accusingly say ‘ you’ve changed’ or ‘the old you wouldn’t do that’ I am always left in a bit of a tight spot . On the other hand I wish to defend my self and my honour. Of course I haven’t forgotten who I am. And the other part of me just wants to say ‘So what?’ And follow that up with ‘What good has ever come out of staying the same ?’

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My thing is : I’m not the same person as I was a year ago or the year before that. That is not quite how this life thing works. Things happen and we meet new people. We mature, age , stretch and crack our skin thin. After all of that , new skin emerges . Sometimes thicker , sometimes more brittle. A different outlook. Change . I’m not quite prepared to apologise for that.

Principles don’t have to change but how we honour them evolves. You’re not fighting the old, you’re simply embracing the new . This is Kamogelo today. I wear my faith as my coat and my hair obnoxiously long . I love many things, give my all in all I do and I dream so big even I get overwhelmed at times. I understand that there was nothing wrong with Kamogelo a year or two ago. But there is also nothing wrong with her now. You would know if you got to know her too .

Look, there is nothing wrong with changing and evolving . When life sets a challenge to test our courage , there is no point pretending nothing has happened . ‘The challenge will not wait. Life doesn’t look back.’ And neither should you. There is a time and a season for all things under the heavens . You should worry more if you are staying the same because the only constant in life is change. So ofcourse you’ve changed! Learn to wear that comfortably. Change like growth is a necessity .

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