This Christmas

ChristmasPhotography: Essie Amayo

I don’t believe in Christmas . But I believe in family and in giving and in the gift of love .

I believe in a God much bigger and more forgiving than us. I believe also in the spirit that comes every year around this time -the spirt of warmth and family and friends and of love .

This Christmas :

All I want for Christmas is peace of mind and the company of family , both at home and here in Cambridge. For the holidays , I want to be around cute babies who love my arms and those that don’t . I want to play with toddlers who want their hurt fingers kissed for them to believe they will heal. I want to drink tea with friends whose lives some how evaded me and with whom I now have a lot of catching up to do. I wanted a red dress too but Ive already bought it ,so now all I have to do is be well positioned for everything else to happen.

What do you want for Christmas ? I pray it’s not an iPhone or something superficial. If it isn’t , then it’s valid and so why don’t you go on and get it . Yes , accept where you are in life and love the space you’re in , the process . But reach! If it is love and comfort and friendship and peace you’re hoping for then reach on. Why settle when there is much out there , somewhere ?

From Essie and I , happy holidays .

With love ,

Cam .



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