The Camel Coat| What I’m Giving the Time of Day

Camel Coat

I’ll tell you what I’m giving the time of day:

  • My extra long camel coat . I love how feminine and masculine it makes me feel all at once .
  • Medicine.
  • Things that inspire me .Books that transport and teach me at the same time. Places that move me and conversations that refresh me.
  • My nephew Leruo’s smile . How though adorned with only 4 baby teeth his laughter reminds me of everything good about the world . I’m here for his first steps, his failed runs, I swear that boy lights up the entirety of my world.
  • Mum’s WhatsApp messages and my dad’s lengthy calls. Not to mention my friends’ perfectly timed gifs, the hilarious meme tags and the food we share .
  • I’m also giving Daniel Caesar’s Freudian , Sza, Toulouse and Frank ocean a huge chunk of my playlists.

Winter statement coat

Social media and guilt trips can take several seats. Tragedies I’ve survived I refuse to give my energy to. I have a history of picking at wounds in the name of making the page bleed. In the name of art . But I’m choosing to give my art happiness, sunshine and colour instead.  Mostly because that’s all I have to give at the moment but also because I weighed the scales -there is far more light here than there is darkness.

The real tragedy would be going through this life thing unaware of your blessings.

With Love,


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