On Mastery, France and a White Dress

Photography : Essie Amayo

I’m on a flight from Paris to Montpellier and the helpful boy sat next to me ( because he lifted my luggage bag , stowed it and took it down when we landed ) is obsessing over his cube puzzle . Now I’ve heard that people finish them in insanely short times but I personally have not met any one of those people . Until today of course.

He completed the 2×2 in 4.6 secs , the 4×4 in 6 and the 8x8x8 in 2 mins I think . Whenever he took 2 seconds longer, he got really frustrated . That’s when this came to me:Truly mastery is repetition . It’s practicing over and over again until it all becomes second nature . Until your 1 minute becomes 45 seconds and the 15 becomes 5. Until you can impress girls on planes with more than just your physical strength .

So no your business idea , your grades , your work ethic may not be up to standard but sitting and wishing won’t change that . Practice will. You have to be horrible first , the next day you’ll improve and soon you’ll be 10 times better than you were when you began . The idea is to keep going until you get it right , until you’ve raised your standards of ‘great.’

And then there is the perfect summer piece -the little white dress . White for me represents poise , class and purity . Be sure to look at the details in the Shop The Look section of the blog . Get one that moves in the wind . Otherwise what is the point ?

Back to the issue, I’m in France and learning many things . I’m learning pretty things have bits beneath them that don’t sparkle . That even cities have secrets . That old people give the best compliments . That French food really is amazing and that there are little Edens on earth , still intact and still incredibly beautiful. That God is everywhere . Ofcourse this isn’t the last i’ll write of France , I’ve only just got here . And I’ve decided it’s up there as one of the most inspirational places I’ve ever been to.

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