Dear Paris

Paris styleThank you for Renoir. For the Louvre .For the lollipop shaped trees and the Eiffel Tower after 2130 when it begins to sparkle . Thank you for the lover’s bridge . For the river Siene. For the parks and the buildings and the Notre Dame with its poise and Catholicism . Thank you for L’auduree for the macarons I still nibble at a day at a time . Thank you for the lovers who kissed under the bridge and those who embraced on benches beneath the stars. For those who fought in restaurants. For gentle waiters , the funny ones and the fiery ones too.

Parisian bloggersThank you for the view from the Arc the Triomphe . For showing me romance and how to feel it within oneself . You see I’ve always believed in Love.That God is Love . But now I believe also in love at first sight and the kind of love the poets write sonnets about. I’m a romantic because of you.

Eiffel Tower fashion All cities glitter whether it be grand or subtle . Just the same , all cities have shame , secrets , poverty and uncertainty . It appears to me Paris, that you do all things grand. Beauty and ugly , glitter and litter , sunrise and sunset . Still I forgive you because I’m yet to find a place that convinces me to fall in love with Love . That tells me we can be strikingly beautiful despite our ragged streets, our filthy markets and our graffitied walls .

So I raise my glass in solidarity to those of us who’ve experienced Paris . I urge those of us who haven’t to add it to their ‘places to see’ list and to Paris , thank you for a breathtaking week. To God , thank you for a beautiful life.

With love,


Black model




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