Beauty: Summer Skin Care + Make up Routine

Photography: Essie Amayo

Although I love summer , I’m not keen on having to change a skin care routine that worked perfectly before . I don’t know , consistency is my petpeeve . Anyway this is my current skin care and makeup routine :

1. Moisturiser

Aveeno’s moisturiser has been saving my life because my incredibly sensitive skin is refusing to cooperate this summer !! I had a terrible break out and burn for being out too long with no protection. Had to go to the GP . In addition , my skin broke out during exams presumably due to all the stress and I’m still recovering . Anyway,  this is such a good cream with oatmeal for dry and sensitive skin . It is even eczema society approved . But as soon as winter comes, I’ll swap back to my Simple moisturiser.

2. Sunscreen ( spf50)

Black people need suncreen too! Unless skin melanoma’s gave you a call to tell you they don’t develop on melanin-rich skin , then take several seats and learn to protect your skin. I use the Aveeno spf50 and yes the white cast is real ( I can’t even ! when will they make sunscreen for us please! *sigh*)  . It’s why the next step is on here to be honest. The key is to leave 10-15 minutes before applying the foundation . Because otherwise you’re just mixing two products together . Also, waiting 20 minutes before stepping out so as to allow the sunscreen to set in and actually protect your skin.

3. Foundation

The thing with us non-make uppers is we haven’t the slightest idea how to find a shade that matches our skin . It took me four foundation bottles (and you know make up is not cheap) before I found the perfect match for now anyway: Milani 2 in 1 perfect and conceal in the colour golden tan. I also use the face and body foundation by MAC in C9 but I personally like Milani more .

4. Eyes

I have a neutral pallet by Milani and a brush set by real techniques although I’m sure two eye shadow brushes from Boots would do the job just as well. What I probably always do is a winged eye liner, a neutral eye shadow look, mascara and I’m out the door!

5. Lips

To achieve the brown/nude lip I always do , I use the Nyx brown lip liner and their lip cream Abu Dhabi . If I’m going for the ‘baddie’ neutral look , I’ll switch the Abu Dhabi for the TEDDY lip lingerie also by NYX . For the classic red lip I use Ruby Woo by mac having lined my lips with a brown lip liner or a deep red lip liner .

6. Finishers

To finish , I’ll use the nyx powder contour powder pallet because one of the shades is perfect for my skin and topshop’s horizon highlighter for the glow .

That is essentially my summer skin care routine plus what I wear for practically all my shoots if I’m the one doing my make-up. I will always say this; make up is an option . What you need to focus most on is healthy skin for you, whatever that looks like and wear your skin comfortably . There is nothing more beautiful in my opinion than confidence and comfort .

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