6 Things to try in 2017

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No! this is not a resolution list. Who am I kidding? It is! It’s all the things I think will make 2017 infinitely better than this past year . I didn’t particularly have a bad year, many many good things happened in 2016-a couple catastrophes as well that sorted themselves out before the end of the year too-so I don’t think it was too bad a year. But you know us people, things can always be infinitely better .I don’t know about you but this is what I think will help me this coming year…

1. Waking up earlier.

Of course this means I’ll have to sleep earlier . The most awake people at uni and the most organised people around me sleep early . I don’t know why I still haven’t tried it , why I don’t believe it . It is as if I fear that if I do my whole life will fall part ( the one I barely have enough energy for).

2. Pick three hobbies :

One to help you get fit , one to keep you creative and one to feed you (career)- I read this a while back and was shook. I thanked myself for running a creative blog and immediately got gym membership and started a Pilates class. I’m not for sweating and running on treadmills but being fit and healthy is definitely my thing . Think it’s everyone’s thing really. It’s the one thing I’ve been neglecting since well, ever.

3.Getting rid of poor spending habits

I eat out a lot . I shop when I’m hungry which means I make poorer choices when I get there and I treat myself too much . Like there is no way I deserve all the things I get every single time!
Let’s get a handle on our spending habits , yes you save , but do you save enough ? And if you don’t save then what’s preventing you from saving? Can that be changed ? Can we evaluate our priorities and their order of importance ?

4. Decluttering:

My room, my phone , my iCloud , my emails and even social media. I’ve found this helps me declutter my mind as well. I can’t think in a cluttered  place, can’t even arrange a fashion look with a cluttered closet .

5. Have a goals journal and a moods journal

My moods journal isn’t really a moods journal , it’s more like a prayer journal but that’s where all my emotions are . What I need now, is a goals journal . It’s not a piece of paper with a list of your goals , we all have that, but the progress you are making on them . I can see how this would be a good reward system and confidence booster . Not to mention a way to keep you accountable for your dreams .

6. Strengthening the relationships that already exist.

If 2016 taught me anything it’s that my tantrums last way waaaaaay too long . And one of the few things we can carry with us into every new year is friendships , so really try to keep the good friendships you have , the good connections you have . If your bad habits or their bad habits crop up and they will, talk about them. That’s how people get over hurdles , they communicate .

And that’s it ! Thank you for being around this year . Having a viewership in the 5 digits is not a joke , so thank you very much for being around and coming back and sharing and liking. Happy new year !

With love ,





  1. Kamo K
    January 5, 2017 / 11:28 am

    Happy New Year, Kamogelo!

    Loved reading this!
    I’m definitely with you when it comes to waking up earlier. Because I live so close to uni, I tend to wake up an hour before class, which just about gives me enough time for a quick shower and a fruit for breakfast.
    It’s something I really need to work on. This term, I have 9AMs everyday so if all goes well and I don’t end up skipping them, 2017 will (by force) be the year of waking up early for me!

    Keep up the quality content! xx

    • Kam
      January 5, 2017 / 7:05 pm

      Hi Kamo
      Nxaww (name sake-I’m annoyingly sentimental you’ll learn) yeah let’s wake up early my love . And let’s make that breakfast a little more than just a fruit . I’m still struggling this side , but lets .

      Thank you my love ❤️

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