5 ways to Live Bold and Well

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I’m going through an insanely long happy phase .Now, believe me I have things to do, things to worry about even . It’s just although I do, I’m still happy. I still smile and I can’t keep from it. It’s amazing, it’s like I’m 5 years old again and naturally, I wrote these 5 things down.

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1. Do what you want to , when you want to do it.
When you miss someone, call them. Do what makes you happy and what makes those around you smile. And when you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness , forgive yourself and move on.
2. Don’t settle
For anything I’m telling you. Because what you want in life exists somewhere . I don’t know about you but I’d rather live striving towards what I want most than settle for a life I know I don’t deserve , one I know I’m not happy in. So this goes for work, careers, school, trips, love. It’s just so unjust to live that way. Bear in mind I’m a dreamer , so I want many many things *smiles.* It’s just the joy and the rush you get when even just one dream comes true is out of this world! It’s worth the leap!


3. Go through things
When I’m low , I get it out of my system, I write or cry or call my dad or my mum . Or watch videos of my sleeping nephew. Or take a walk . Or sleep. Or all of the above . Going through things makes the entire ordeal shorter , more manageable . The sooner you go through it, the quicker you get over it .
4. Eat well, walk often

The latter because sweating and panting is genuinely not my thing , the former because ‘if it wasn’t for the handful of angels around me I’d go far too long without eating .’ And even I know that it’s bad for emotional health . I swear some of our sluggishness can be cured with good meals #MentorToldMeOff.  It’s not always rocket science .
5.  Pray
Believing in something bigger than me, keeps me at bay. It keeps me calm, it gives me hope. Without that, I wouldn’t be what I am today . I wouldn’t have what I have . And I certainly wouldn’t be this happy . God exists for me and is evident in my life every single day .

I don’t imagine to have grasped this life thing fully. But I don’t know, surprise yourself ! I certainly plan on carrying on with it .

With love,


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