In 2018 I Will…

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I’m beginning to appreciate that as people there are several sides to us. All of which deserve a place : the lover must love, the healer heal, the artist create and so on and so forth.* Amidst all of the positivity , there exists negative parts of us that in addition to needing a place , need to be contained . To be watched , otherwise they will impede our progress.

To kick off the year , I asked people what their number one goal for 2018 was. We always think of ourselves in isolation, our issues as though we are the first to go through them in the world. I’m learning quickly that from each other we get strength. From each other’s experiences we begin to recognise patterns that help us solve our own puzzles, plus I thought it’d be a beautiful way to start the year.

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In 2018 i will…

‘Do good for the sake of doing good’-Anonymous

‘Be more positive about how I see myself and others. Self value and worth’-Nicole

‘Meet one person a week’-Vanessa

‘In 2018, I will get closer to God’-Anonymous

‘My goal in 2018, is to find my passion . I feel dead inside . I’m about to graduate as a dentist and I feel dead inside. Like I chose the wrong path . If I can find something to do that makes me happy , then I’m alright’-Khandiefloss

‘In 2018, I will distract my distractions’-Yandile Nuku (Bestie-she insisted)

‘In 2018, I’m praying for a healthy bouncing baby boy. I want to elevate professionally and invest in property and farming. Above all I want to put God first .’ -Masego.

‘One of my goals is to save up for a Sony 7rii camera and take a photography course.’- Matilda

‘Be more patient . Be less insecure at times . Get a job . Get to talk to more mans lol. Slide into more DMs’-Anonymous

‘To focus on nourishing my body and enriching my brain. Basically to be woke and hot as hell.’-Ivan

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And me ?

Well in 2018 , I plan on showing up for myself .I will wake up and show up on the days I don’t want to. I will love those I find particularly hard to love. I will be kind to myself even on the days where my actions disgust me . I’ll do good even when it is not profitable . I’ll simply show up for myself and oh,  run with the wolves.

And you ? What is your goal for 2018? Say it out loud , say it to someone. This way you’re held accountable for it .

Happy new year!

With love,

The Family.

*Clarissa Pinkola Estes-Women who run with the wolves.

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